WonderRoot— Matchstic’s On-the-House Rebrand
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This concept was the runner-up for the Matchstic “on-the-house” rebrand project for WonderRoot, a social change arts organization in our neighborhood. We gave away over $100,000 worth of creative time.

WonderRoot creates social change through a variety of artforms. The concept plays off the tension between being rooted and growth/possibility/wonder, which is echoed both in the name itself and our big idea—Activate Atlanta.

The brand needed to appeal to both the culture-interested public and professional artist community, so we aimed for an attention-grabbing, dynamic system. It allows materials to be ever-reimagined when considering a breadth of fundraisers, programming, artist collaborations and events.

Designed at Matchstic, © 2014—On The House, Pro-Bono Work
Brand Identity, Strategy, Print, Web

Identity Designer & Strategy Support

Writer & Strategist: Danielle DePiper
Art Director: Mackenzie Brookshire
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