11Alive, CBS—Rebrand 
lead designer, strategist & associate design director—

brand identity, strategy, launch
After 25 years, Atlanta's NBC-affiliate, 11Alive, unveiled their new identity in conjunction with their sponsorship of Super Bowl LIII.

In an industry that's struggling to maintain relevance in this digital world, Atlanta’s NBC affiliate needed a refresh to better reflect their unique perspective.

The rebrand brought attention to equity by looking ahead while also looking back. The new identity system carefully balances modernization with stability, employing an evolved brandmark that behaves in new, dynamic ways.

The numerals and identity system are built with 11 degree angles. Going all-in on Atlanta, the station returns to a leading legacy color that aligns with the passion of the city and many of it’s iconic brands. A new bold red marks the station with distinction amidst a sea of blue and golds. 

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Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Messaging, Launch

Lead Designer, Strategist & Associate Design Director

Designer: Todd Durkee
Strategists: Blake Howard, David Sizemore
Writer: Danielle Wilson
Creative Director: Blake Howard

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