Ariel Group—Merger Rebrand

formerly Ariel Group, Better Communications & The Barron Group

lead designer & 
art director—

brand identity,
strategy support

Ariel is a communication training firm for Fortune 500 companies. Our core concept, “True Influence” hinges on their passion to grow, shape and teach people to have presence and be impactful in a way that is authentic and appealing.

This idea, and their brand attribute “magnetic,” inspired a system around the idea that Ariel draws people in and then draws out their inner brilliance.

The wordmark functions dynamically. Whichever direction it is placed on a page, the ‘A’ always points upward, onwards, towards “true influence.”

The basic building blocks of the symbol and system—the arrow and dot—support an icon style and myriad of graphic and typographic devices.

Killed Concept:

Designed at Matchstic, © 2017
Brand Identity, Strategy

Lead Designer & Art Director

Designer: Courtney Perets
Creative Director: Blake Howard
Design Director: David Sizemore
Writer: Danielle DePiper
Strategists: Sarah Melnyk, Danielle DePiper

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