Arlo Decatur—Branding

identity design, name & messaging support

implementation design lead
A team of developers approached us to help them dream up the perfect place for a perfect place…

We started with the name. Arlo beckons a look and voice that carries a charming tune.

We wanted this place to feel in and of Decatur (a delightful little town right outside Atlanta’s interstate loop). The property sits on a plot of land called trinity traingle. A meaningful brandmark was born.

We paired it with a playfully nostalgic voice and timless identity to evoke a sense of history, culture and sophistication.

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Brand Identity, Creative Strategy, Name, Messaging, Print, Web © 2016

Role: Identiy Designer, Name & Messaging Support / Print & Web Design Lead
Lead Designer/Art Direction: Mackenzie Brookshire
Writer: Danielle DePiper
Studio: Matchstic
Client: Greystar
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