Atlanta Humane Society—Rebrand 

*Featured on UnderConsideration’sBrand New 

*Awarded Honorable Mention, Graphis Design Annual 2020

Atlanta's second oldest nonprofit came to us looking to the answer a question: should we retain the equity we have or revolutionize into the future? With most clients, we would jump at the chance to overhaul their look and feel, but, in this instance, our recommendation was to slightly modernize their mark and build on their iconic heart symbol because of the huge presence—and exposure—they have in the city. 

This evolutionary approach was a functional fix of the logo to make it more technically sound and legible, but we stuck with the bold red color that fits well in the city's ecosystem of iconic brands. We also extended the use of their heart symbol across many applications and created a photo style and set of illustrations that add a balance of warmth and sophistication to their system.

The end result is an identity that retains the equity this brand has as an iconic Atlanta organization, yet extends the system to feel fresh and flexible.

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