Bell Cabinetry & Design

formerly Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

*Featured on Brand New’s Friday Likes

*Graphis Silver Award Winner, Branding

lead identity designer
print & web design lead

concept & art direction—brand photography & videography

Bell is a third-generation cabinetmaking company. They continue to hand-craft traditional cabinets, but recently added a German manufacturing system to expand their capabilities. We created an identity to compliment this signature, “southern modern” style.

Bell has three audiences: interior designers, builders and homeowners. To an interior designer, the brandmark may feel appropriately modern, like the sans serif logos of most european cabinetmakers. A builder probably recalls stencil labels on packing crates. A homeowner may see type reminiscent of her Vogue mastheads. We intended all three.

To further differentiate the brand, we directed shoots to achieve a signature photo style. Bell’s photography feels warm and well-lived. Kitchens, baths and mudrooms are central arteries to the home, so we styled scenes to either incorporate daily moments, or to insinuate that someone has just exited the frame. We experimented with styled vignettes and motion blurs to create scenes far removed from the cold, lifeless portfolios of Bell’s competitors.

We were also engaged to create a fresh site to launch the brand. We built a brand-forward, concept-driven site with UX in mind. For starters, the brand lockup below above is brought to life in the menu animation.

Site Concept
Unlike competitors, Bell’s cabinetry is designed, built and installed in-house. Looking down from the design showroom, windows reveal a factory floor below where craftsmen and machinery cut, construct and finish the cabinets before delivery. The site mimics this client experience with its own “windows” that peel back the curtain to reveal the cabinetmaking process. A textured film reel documents the behind-the-scenes, while the forefront of the UI remains as polished and precise as Bell’s finished product.

Designed at Matchstic, © 2017

Identity Design & Art Direction: Brit Blankenship
Writer & Strategist: Danielle DePiper
Print & Web Design Lead: Brit Blankenship
Web Design: Courtney Perets
Web Copy: Jinah Kim
Photographer: Rustic White
Videographer: Mary Claire Stewart