Frank (App)

lead identity designer
art director
web design lead
Frank is a personified platform that supports architecture and engineering studios with their operational functions and project management.

With architect / engineer users in mind, we designed a persona to speak their language and feel like a helpful partner. He might seem a bit mysterious, but it’s only because Frank works so hard behind the scenes that you hardly notice him. On the interface he pops in with helpful tips, always signified by his signature typewriter font (Orator) along with his personal signature (brandmark).

The brand leads with orange because all of the similar tools are blue. A colorful secondary palette is employed throughout the interface and identity system to signal an array of tasks that Frank provides. The brand photos create visual metaphors for these product functions.

Designed at Matchstic, © 2016 

Art Direction: Brit Blankenship & Mackenzie Brookshire
Identity Design: Brit Blankenship
Lead Writer: Danielle DePiper
Web Design Lead: Brit Blankenship
Web Design: Courtney Perets
Frank the Model: the handsome, Wes Blankenship
Photographer: Connor Dwyer