Gresham Smith—Rebrand

formerly Gresham, Smith and Partners

*Featured in LogoLounge, Book 12

*Graphis Silver Award Winner, Branding

lead designer &
art director—

brand identity, print, web, interiors, brand consulting
This international architecture, engineering and design practice launched a new name, mark and identity system to celebrate their bicentenial anniversary. The work is grounded in a fresh brand strategy, encapsulated by Gresham Smith’s brand promise and tagline: Genuine Ingenuity

Gresham Smith’s mark is composed of two primary geometric shapes. The circle is a symbol of totality, feeling global and whole. It is rounded and soft, representing the first word in their brand promise, "Genuine." The triangle is precise with upward and forward momentum, signaling progress and "Ingenuity." Together, these shapes illustrate the brand promise, forming an abstract letterform.

The difference in scale between these shapes, communicates both large and  small impacts made by the organization. Gresham Smith leaves a lasting impact by broadly shaping communities, while also achieving impeccable attention to detail through intentional relationships.

Together with a modern wordmark, the entire logomark is a powerful representation of their commitment to community vitality and quality design.

This brand promise becomes the core tenant of Gresham Smith’s stable yet dynamic identity. The personality is both authentic and inspired; the typography both timeless and modern; the photography both warm and inventive; the company both relational and enterprising. The employees are people-centric pioneers.

Credits —

Brand Identity, Name Strategy, Brand Strategy, Messaging, Print, Digital, Launch, Training/Consulting © 2018-19

Role: Design Lead & Art Director
Designers: Jason Combs, Meghan Stewart, Rachel Eleanor, David Sizemore
Strategists: Sarah Melnyck, Sarah Gail Niebur
Writers: Danielle Wilson, Jinah Kim
Creative Director: Blake Howard

Studio: Matchstic
Client: Gresham Smith

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