Royal Thai

formerly 1956 by Tai Ping / Royal Thai 

*Graphis Silver Award Winner, Branding

*Graphis Design Annual 2019 Award Winner

lead identity designer
brand strategist
print & package design lead
art director

Royal Thai inspires well-traveled spaces. In the process of an interntaional merger, they came to us for a look and voice to introduce the brand—under a new moniker—as the world’s largest producer of *axminster carpet. And the best part? This design-led company partners with artisans from all kinds of industries (fashion, architecture, multi-media...) to design their fully-custom collections. You’ll find their designs in hotel’s across the globe.

Inspire Well-Traveled Spaces, indeed.

“Axminster” is the technical term for woven flooring in high-volume areas—think high end ballrooms, hotel entrances, yachts, casinos, convention got it.

We created a comprehensive system that flexes with both core and trend elements. A bank of textures and trend palette are built to be expanded and reimagined as the brand grows, thus reflecting the design-centric and collaborative values that Royal Thai embodies.